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The only limitations to the size of the group are the acoustics of the room.

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great results.



You need to pay attention with an open mind and follow my instructions.

This is a wonderful introduction into hypnosis!

The class could not be more simple and straightforward. You come to my office at your appointed time, have a seat and I conduct the hypnosis session for you and others in the group in which I  give the suggestions to your subconscious mind for the use of the recording I give you to play on your smartphone (you have to have a smartphone that accepts the fluxplayer app to take this course) so you can train yourself to sleep on demand.

Sleep is a big deal. Without sleep your health and quality of life suffers. Bad habits of eating or drinking non-sleep-supporting food, beverage or drug items affect some of us.

Others worrying about circumstances or situations that inhibit relaxation.

Napping makes some people too rested to sleep later.

And some people just have really odd schedules that makes it really hard to sleep when they need to.

Hypnosis is a perfect easy and gentle way to get help.

Using a calm, focused state of relaxation to implant suggestions into the subconscious mind is a simple, logical and effortless way to teach yourself how to sleep when the need arises.

Drug free!

And no side-effects!

Use the power of your subconscious mind to get the help you need to sleep!

Sleep on demand class schedule and fee:

By appointment only.

Fee is $250.00 payable in cash in advance or at the door..

The class takes about 1 hour.

Current class times are:

To be announced